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Our God is not a hermit.

Printed below is the closing paragraph of an article entitled “It Takes Two to Worship” by Trent C. Butler from the Fall 2014 periodical LET’S WORSHIP. Please read the paragraph twice.

Our God is not a hermit. He does not live alone. He lives in heaven and has appeared on earth in the Person of His Son, Jesus of Nazareth. He continues to be present on earth in the form of His Holy Spirit. He calls on you to recognize the divine Presence who is with you always. He provides many ways for you to respond to His presence. Find a new way each day to recognize and respond to Him. It takes two--you plus God – to worship. God is ever present, waiting for your worship. What are you doing?

It is always dangerous to try and explain God in human terms as these words do, but the author’s attempt does help us understand God in words that we as humans can understand. Two important realities of our God-centered worship are clearly defined in this paragraph.

God is not a hermit. A hermit lives alone. A hermit does not want to associate with, talk to, or be near other people. A hermit desires to live in isolation, far away form any signs of civilization. This is not the God we worship. He is not a hermit. Our God lives in union with His Son Jesus, His Holy Spirit, and a host of angels. Our God even came to earth as a human being. Our God lives inside of us through the Spirit of His Son Jesus. Our God is continually leading, guiding, and nudging us. This is certainly not the description of a hermit.

It takes two – you plus God – to worship. I like this thought. It clearly reminds us of God’s part in worship and our part in worship. God is always inviting us and waiting for us to come and worship Him. But worship only happens as we accept the invitation and come before Him with our worship. It takes two: God and us for worship to happen. Actually this is very simple: God created us to worship Him. The desire to worship is in our very being, soul, and spirit. So why are we waiting? Let’s worship!