Jubilee College of Music

Master of Arts in Music

Olivet University is pleased to offer the Master of Arts in Music program through Jubilee College of Music (JCM). This supplemental document contains information about the specific requirements for this graduate program at Olivet University. The contents of this supplemental document should be used in conjunction with the policies found in the Academic Catalog of the year the graduate student enrolled in his or her graduate program. When conflicting, the policies contained within the Graduate Supplement will take precedence in all cases.

Master of Arts in Music Degree Program

The JCM Master of Arts in Music program is a two-year graduate degree program that trains students as professional musicians and music scholars with a solid biblical foundation. The program provides students with the academic and practical training necessary for them to become competent and influential individuals in the field of music ministry.


Graduate students working towards their Master of Arts in Music will be required to complete a minimum of 54 quarter under 4 categories:

Students must earn a total of 54 quarter units with an overall cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.0 in order to receive their degree.

Course Listings

Course Descriptions

MT500 Graduate Theory Review (4)
Course reviewing core competencies in written theory, sight-singing and dictation. Topics covered include part writing, form, harmonization, and music reading and dictation involving intervals, scales, chord outlines, and rhythm patterns.

MT510 Composition& Arranging (4)
Course covering a variety of writing techniques and approaches in a variety of styles and ensemble settings. It deepens the student's understanding of the elements of notation, structure, orchestration and style in the creative writing process, with these elements studied from practical and theoretical perspectives.

MH500 Renaissance & Baroque Music (4)
A study of composers and pieces from ancient times until the mid-Eighteenth century.

MH510 Classical & Romantic Music (4)
A study of composers and pieces from the mid-Eighteenth to the beginning of the 20th century.

MH600 20th Century Music(4)
A study of composers and pieces of 20th century music.

MM500 Worship Studies (4)
Course covering the theology and practice of worship. Course is designed to allow students to deepen their understanding of worship and examines how to strengthen it in various cultural settings.

MM510 Graduate Worship Leadership (4)
Course designed to build concepts of and skills in worship leadership from a theological perspective. Prepares students to become effective leaders of Christian worship in the local church.

MM520 Contemporary Praise & Worship Songs (4)
Contemporary praise and worship songs continue to be a vital part of Christian life and worship. This course will study the late 20th century development of these songs, the texts and music of these songs, and the use of these songs in worship today.

MM600 Graduate Worship Technology (4)
A study of sound systems, lighting, projection, and media resources that are used in worship today.

MM610 The Hymn in Christian Worship(4)
This course surveys the history of the hymn in Christian worship and the contemporary use of hymns in Christian worship today.

MM620Graduate Seminar (4)
Guided study in special topics.

MM630 Graduate Conducting (2)
Course covering the techniques and procedures of conducting ensembles, including score reading and analysis. Emphasis is placed on the development of rehearsal and performance techniques.

MP500-600 Graduate Applied Music I-IV (2)
Private or semi-private lessons in piano, guitar, composition, orchestral instruments, or vocal technique.

MP530-540Choral Ensemble I-VI (1)
Weekly rehearsals in preparation for public performance.

MPM500, 550, 600 Ministry Internship I-III– Music (4)
These courses connect students to practical work in Christian ministries. The students participate in supervised ministry in a church or specialized ministry appropriate with an approved JCM ministry affiliate for at least 20 hours per week.

MU710-730 Performance Program I-III (4)
Guided study in recital performance.

MU740-760 Concert Leadership I-III (4)
Guided study in Worship Service or Concert Leadership

MU770-790 Thesis Research I-III (4)
Guided study in thesis composition.