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Part 2: Why Do We Sing?

Always Singing Notes from Dr. Smoak about Music and Worship Part 2: Why Do We Sing?

In this three part series we are simply asking the question: Why do we sing? In the first part of the series we answered the question with this scientific fact: “God created human beings with the physical ability to sing.” Here is part two.

A non-Christian person may ask: “Why do you all sing together on Sunday mornings? I get the scientific fact that everyone can sing. That is no big deal. I simply choose to sing by myself with my ear buds and my itunes app on my iphone.” We then have the opportunity to share with this person the reason why we sing. The reason we sing is because we have something specific to sing about. The words we sing on Sunday mornings and the words we sing as a worship team embody the very essence of truth, the truth of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. The words we sing explicitly tell the story of Jesus or point to Jesus.

In 1987 the Christian singing group First Call recorded the song “The Reason We Sing.” Do a Google search for the lyrics of this song and study the words. Here are selected phrases for this song that give us the reason why we sing.

“to praise the One, who gave His Son”

“to be the reason we sing”

“Jesus is the One we glorify”

Another phrase in this song states that our singing is “more than just making harmony.” This is true. Any individual or group can make music. But our music has the theological reality of the Incarnation. In theology the Incarnation is the word used to describe Jesus coming to earth as a human being, fulfilling his purpose of death and resurrection, and then returning to His Heavenly Place with God. Our music can also be described in incarnational terms:

Our music begins and ends with God. It is simply a gift full of meaning and joy. This is the reason we sing.