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Leadership: Post #1

This will be the first posting of a series on leadership. By title and nature a worship leader is always leading:

Yes, a worship leader or a pastoral church musician is naturally a leader. This leadership develops out of our training and experience. We have to lead. Good music demands leadership. Here is the leadership premise for this series of posts: My actions and re-actions constantly reveal my leadership.

In a blog article concerning leadership David W. Manner states:

“People will always remember how you treat them when you’re off the platform more than how you lead them on the platform so know more people’s names than new songs.”

Well, that is a lot to process. Worship leaders enjoy being on the stage and leading the congregation in singing praises to God. This quote simply reminds us that the singing audience is important. We are leading and encouraging them to sing. We must not have the attitude that we are performing for them. We are leading them in worship. So here are some tips for leading through your actions when you are off of the stage:

These actions when you are off of the state will genuinely show that you are interested in leading them in worship when you are on the stage. Our actions and re-actions reveal our leadership.

Keep on leading!