Jubilee College of Music

Music & Journalism Makes a Harmonious Note

Jubilee College of Music (JCM) students working on their ministry internship course had an opportunity to interview popular musicians in the Christian music scene in Nashville, TN. Those with an interest in journalism and music find the opportunity to be a perfect combination.

Musicians such as Sean Spicer, Terry Warren, Jordan Elijas, John Waller, Micah Sampley, Lincoln Brewster, and Nicole C Mullen who are releasing new albums in 2011 sat down for one-on-one interviews with Christian music ministry Breathecast. JCM's partnership with ministries such as Breathecast gives students opportunities to work with professional artists and record labels.

Students studying in the Breathecast ministry picked up valuable communication, videography, and production skills from the interview experiences. The job requires knowledge in video editing, scripting, public speaking, and marketing but combines them with the student's experience in music. They learn professionalism in approaching artists and publicists that represent the artists' label.. Publicists may have their own approaches for interviews and how it may look. As students give the interview, they have to consider all the different aspects while creating a comfortable atmosphere for conversation.

Working alongside professionals, students acquire abilities that can be later used in their careers at other mission organizations. In final production, videos are edited then uploaded online where the next phase of marketing and promotion begins. The interviews bring the latest news to fans and inspiration for new musicians around the globe.