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Music Program Adds New Fall Course

September 29, 2009

Jubilee College of Music this fall will launch a new course designed to build student's concepts and skills in worship leadership from a theological perspective.

The three-credit MM400 Worship Leadership will be “rigorous and activity-based,” said Professor and Jade Cho, who is coordinating the new course taught by Dean of Jubilee College of Music Dr. Merril Smoak.

The course will be mandatory for Jubilee College of Music students as part of the 30 credit hours of professional studies required for the program.

Under the instruction of Dr. Smoak, MM400 Worship Leadership students are learning the practical aspects of worship leadership, including setting the stage for worship, assembling a worship team, building a repertoire, planning worship, rehearsal scheduling and worship leading. The course also engages the Bible directly and extensively, with each class opening with a scripture reading from the book of Nehemiah.

“At week four of class, students are very engaged and have learned a lot of about worship leadership,” commented Ms. Cho. “The systematic, scripture-based lessons on leadership are preparing students as more effective and professional leaders of Christian worship, and that’s our objective.”