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JCM Expands Music Ministry Internship Program

November 08, 2010

Jubilee College of Music is reinforcing its internship program with increased opportunities to participate in ministries.  This semester's program offer a fresh look into developing instructional skills by collaborating with its affiliated ministry Breathe Music Academy.  Through various music lessons such as voice, piano, violin, guitar, and drums, JCM students receive valuable experience working directly with students of all ages.

JCM student Rebekah Cook who is working at the Breathe Academy ministry for her internship, continues to learn more about administration and instructing.  She reflects on her experience at the Academy. 

“I think this is a very unique program of Olivet University. Especially as a music student, I found the practical works to be beneficial towards my ministry classes. Through this program I was able to develop my teaching skills as well as general administration skills," said Cook.

The practical skills learned from internship opportunities at Breathe Academy are preparing graduates with practical experience that contribute to ministries in the music field.