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Jubilee Graduate Students Mentored on Christmas Music

November 23, 2015

Dr. Merril Smoak, dean of Jubilee College of Music, held a mentoring session with selective Master's students in San Francisco last week.

With Christmas approaching, the students discussed song selections, how to lead choir groups, acapella and other issues that have to do with the holiday season. In addition to singing famous Christmas carols together, the study group talked about the historical and musical background of the carols, and how each song could be selected on different occasions.

"It was a great time to recall Christmas music and the practice session helped me to start preparing myself for the season. It was helpful," said a student who is serving a local music fellowship as a worship leader. "Music in my church is mostly contemporary band style, but attending this class I think it would be a good idea to add a traditional choir or acapella vocal group to celebrate this special time."

Jubilee College aims to raise capable worship music leaders in churches and fellowships. During Fall quarter, some music courses may emphasize the importance and meaning of Christmas music and provide students recommended repertoires to prepare for the upcoming season.