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JCM Students Inspired From Faculty Discourse

February 23, 2010

Jubilee College of Music (JCM) students are meeting weekly with the faculty of the College for a time of learning and discourse.  Dean and Professor of JCM Dr. Merril Smoak is leading this weekly fellowship which is allowing the students to be inspired and enhance their learning. 
"Each week we needed a time to informally talk about music ministry, music leadership, and music topics related to theology,” said Dr. Smoak, who is committed to ensuring JCM student-centered.  “Our first discussion centered on Psalm 95 and Psalm 100,” he said.  “Next week we will be discussing relationships in worship.”
The discussion group includes students from JCM’s undergraduate and graduate programs. Dr. Smoak explained that it is important for the College administration to listen to the students and have the opportunity to respond to their questions. 
JCM students will continue the discussion groups throughout the Spring 2010 semester.