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JCM Students Celebrate Easter with Concerts

April 01, 2010

Students of the Jubilee College of Music (JCM) put their studies into practice and celebrated Easter by participating in concerts.  Students around the world were encouraged by the JCM faculty to get involved with their local church and participate in their Easter events.  

Students participated in events ranging from Easter services to full retreats where they led the praise or had a concert.   All were part of worship teams that allowed students to display their musical talents by singing or playing instruments such as piano, drums, or guitar. 

The practical experience was also insightful for the students.  “Participating in my church’s concert helped realize that a good worship leader requires not only a good musical skill, but the ability to monitor the overall flow and structure of the music,” remarked JCM Student Jennifer Gwon.

JCM professor Jade Cho oversaw one of Easter concerts held at a local San Francisco Church that JCM students participated in.  “I could see the student’s potential.  The musical arrangements were refreshing,” she said

JCM students hope to continue serving the local church by participating in events during the Pentecost which occurs seven weeks after Easter.  Until then, JCM students hope to continue to develop their skills and raise the level of their performances.