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JCM Students Compose Music for Concert

May 20, 2010

Students of Jubilee College of Music’s (JCM) Composition & Arranging course are actively engaging in composition writing as the semester draws to a close.  Students of this course will perform their own compositions at a campus wide concert at the conclusion of the semester.  

The overall course is designed to teach students how to apply the music theory to compose music.  In addition, the students learn how to arrange existing hymns in a contemporary context.  By analyzing harmony patterns of well-known worship songs, students become familiar with the diversity of each harmony.

Nathanael Lee, professor of the course shared, “It’s a great pleasure for me to see students’ progress each week. I hope they can write a lot of great Christian music.”
The course also includes interactive peer sessions that allow students to present their own music in a peer context.  One of the unique features of these sessions is that students practice one another’s compositions.  This allows students to broaden their understanding of musical structure and harmony, receiving new ideas and input from peer comments on their work.