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JCM Expands Non-Major Opportunities

May 06, 2013

Olivet University's Jubilee College of Music is expanding learning opportunities for non-music majors.

JCM opened private lessons for piano, voice, composition, and orchestral instruments, and voice performance seminars for non-music major students in 2013 Spring quarter. Instructed by faculty members and graduate assistants, the lessons and seminars are available for credit or non-credit.

"This program will give opportunities for non-majors who wish to pursue their love for music while studying at Olivet University," said Emily Ko, JCM violin instructor.

Originally, only student majors enrolled in the program are allowed to take any music related courses.  Due to the interest and demand for educational experiences in other fields, JCM has taken steps to make it possible through its new offerings.   Applications are available now at the student service center.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jubilee College of Music at jcm@olivetuniversity.edu.

Visit the JCM website to see current listed offerings http://jcm.olivetuniversity.edu.