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Jubilee Recital Explores History of 'Music, Worship'

February 04, 2014

Olivet University's Jubilee College of Music (JCM) graduate student will perform at next month's recital under the theme 'Music and Worship.'  The recital will reflect on the ideas of love, forgiveness and grace harmonized through hymns, contemporary Christian worship, and videos.

The student-run show will feature Jubilee graduate candidates using their musical skills to produce beauty of form, harmony, structure, and worship.  Jubilee College of Music performances also offers the audience a glimpse at the relationship and history of music.  The relationship between music and worship dates back to ancient times, beyond the dawn of Christianity. 

In the Old Testament era, music was used as an important element of temple and synagogue worship. The Old Testament continued to be the source of much of Christianity’s musical tradition. Perhaps the most notable example is the compilation of 150 Psalms, which is full of God's love and grace. 

Since this era, Christians have composed new songs to celebrate particular seasons, to express their belief and deliver the message of the Gospel. The efforts have continued to unite Biblical belief and musical skill by Christian musicians to this very day.

For more information on upcoming recital dates, please contact jcm@olivetuniversity.edu