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Jubilee Music Dean Launches Bi-Monthly Writings on Music and Worship

September 27, 2014

"Always Singing" is the title of a new bi-monthly postings by Jubilee College of  Music Dean Dr. Merril Smoak. The sub-title of this new column is "Notes from Dr. Smoak about Music & Worship." New topics will be posted every two weeks on Olivet University's Jubilee College of Music website.

"Technology is a wonderful academic tool.  Through this post I will be able to have monthly contact with our JCM students, graduates, and faculty," stated the JCM Dean.

"Always singing" is a favorite postscript of Dr. Smoak’s letters, emails and writings. He is always singing. 

"Sometimes the singing is silent within my own heart and mind, and others times I just burst into song as I drive my car or walk to my next appointment," said Dr. Smoak. "I love to sing. Singing is God’s gift to all of us. I want to teach students how to sing. One of my greatest joy is leading congregations in singing on Sunday mornings. I am always singing."

Each post will feature a music ministry or worship leadership topic that is relevant to the students, graduates, and faculty of the Jubilee College of Music. The first post looked into Psalm, 95 where "God is always inviting his people to come and worship Him." The second post was entitled "God is not a hermit." Last week’s post was about the new worship song "Victor's Crown."

Visit Jubilee College of Music's website to read the latest post and join in always singing.

Source:  http://jcm.olivetuniversity.edu