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Jubilee College of Music Plans to Launch Worship Institute

February 28, 2015

 The Jubilee College of Music (JCM) announced today that it plans to establish and operate the Worship Institute ministry within the Jubilee organization.  By establishing the new program, JCM plans to research about the history and traditions of Christian worship.  In depth study of liturgy and initiative projects will provide data that can provide scholarly resources to churches and fellowships.  The goal is to expand knowledge of worship and music appreciation.

The institute will share academic journals of worship to theologians and pastors, including JCM faculty members online.  Symposiums and seminars will be offered to provide educational opportunities for worship leaders in small and medium sized pioneering churches.

"I am very excited to see the launch of this idea,” noted Nathanael Lee, a JCM faculty. “The concept has been in development for awhile and it will be a great asset to the academic institution…I feel that it is important to dedicate places for scholastic activities and glad to see the school's effort on making this a reality."

This will be JCM's third subdivision launch project this year and plans to soft launch the project later this fall.