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Inspirational Seminar on Music & Worship Held in San Francisco

May 19, 2015

Dr. Merril Smoak, the dean of Jubilee College of Music (JCM), offered an inspirational seminar on Music & Worship last week at Olivet University’s San Francisco, CA campus.

Students received abundant in-person experience from Dr. Smoak with the topic on how to pioneer a music ministry in startup churches. "I come to understand deeply that music in church is not for entertainment but the expression of love and gratitude towards God's salvation," shared master student, Silas Yu.

"As to be a musician, it is easy to only concentrate on music skills instead of worship with heart. There is a big difference between a musician and a music minister, " he added.

Dr. Smoak spoke on the importance of music worship in church as well as in Children's ministry. He also integrated music theories into modern ministries.

"From this seminar, I've opened a wide scope on today's music ministry and began to put together what I've learned before " said another student.

JCM offers a complete learning experience of Christian music ranging from traditional to contemporary styles for young professionals and equips them to a new horizon in Christian music ministry.