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Music Graduates Perform at Jubilee Anniversary in Nashville

August 11, 2015

Students of Jubilee College of Music, JCM, participated in the celebration of Jubilee World’s 13th anniversary held in St. Augustine Chapel in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jubilee graduate students Binyu Zhao and Miriam Zhu performed dance and classical Christian songs including "Unashamed" "Friend of God" and "God's great Dance Floor" at the event.

"It was a great opportunity for me to meet JCM graduates and members in Jubilee World," said JCM student Marcus Lundin after joining the event’s worship night. "It matters to have clear understanding between academics and in-field ministry for my future."

After his performance, Binyu Zhao was asked about his experience and thoughts from the event.

"I received abundant grace and my spirit was lifted up through this concert and I realized how important it is to revolutionize the secular culture with Christian values," expressed Zhao.

Jubilee World is a ministry comprised of a globally diverse and eclectic body of musicians, dancers, actors and members purposed to glorify God through the sacrifices of praise and worship. It has its mission to bring truth and life back into today's entertainment industry and culture, transforming them into mediums to be used for God's kingdom.

Jubilee College of Music offers complete learning experiences of traditional and contemporary Christian music and leads young professionals to world level in every aspect such as composition, writing, and performance.

For more information visit http://jcm.olivetuniversity.edu