Jubilee College of Music

Christian Service

Christian Service Program

Jubilee College of Music was founded for the purpose of training ministers for Christian Service and this mission remains at the heart of our school. Involvement in the Christian Service helps our students to mature in Jesus Christ and equips them as mission and ministry leaders.

The Christian Service Program at JCM connects students with practical ministry work experiences in local church and campus fellowship settings. Olivet believes that such hands-on learning is an essential ingredient to personal, spiritual, as well as professional growth, and enriches a student's educational experience in exciting ways. More information about the Christian Service Program, including a list of acceptable placement sites for satisfaction of the program's requirements, is provided in the Christian Service Handbook.

Ministry Practice Program

The Ministry Practice component of Jubilee College of Music's curricula helps accomplish our mission by providing JCM students with a broad range of challenging field-based experiential learning and ministry opportunities. The program is also designed to facilitate personal spiritual growth, with the intention of enriching a student's overall educational experience.

Through the Ministry Practice program students have many opportunities to practice what they learn by getting involved in various music ministries in San Francisco.