Dear Friend,

The Jubilee College of Music wishes to warmly welcome all prospective students aspiring to make a difference and to leave a beautiful legacy in the world, in the name of the Lord. Together, the Jubilee College of Music and its students from around the globe strives to build a dynamic world of arts that reaches beyond the capabilities and imagination of man; one which stands in the Gospel of Truth.

Offering schooling in the creative arena of musical arts firmly grounded in the Scriptures, students are equipped both skillfully and spiritually. Specialized programs are designed to stimulate the mind and spirit to explore a whole new level in various musical theories and practices.

The unique body of national and overseas students from diverse backgrounds and cultures creates a special touch in the tapestry of the new culture in Christ. Students are able to share in a life of exploration and discovery as well as learn to live a life of service.

The Jubilee College of Music staff aims to raise the spiritual level of Christian music through raising the leaders of the future generations in Christianity, opening greater doors for innovative expressions in the culture of Christ.

We hope that you can take part in singing a new song to the Lord together.

Dr. A. Merril Smoak, Jr.
Dean of College, Professor