Master of Arts in Music

Olivet University is pleased to offer the Master of Arts in Music program through Jubilee College of Music (JCM). This supplemental document contains information about the specific requirements for this graduate program at Olivet University. The contents of this supplemental document should be used in conjunction with the policies found in the Academic Catalog of the year the graduate student enrolled in his or her graduate program. When conflicting, the policies contained within the Graduate Supplement will take precedence in all cases.

Master of Arts in Music Program

The JCM Master of Arts in Music program is a two-year graduate degree program that trains students as professional musicians and music scholars with a solid biblical foundation. The program provides students with the academic and practical training necessary for them to become competent and influential individuals in the field of music ministry.


Professional Studies Requirements

Students must complete six seminar courses:

  • MUSC500 Music History (4 units)
  • MUTH500 Worship Studies (4 units)
  • MUTH510 Graduate Worship Leadership (4 units)
  • MUTH520 Contemporary Praise & Worship Songs (4 units)
  • MUTH610 The Hymn in Christian Worship (4 units)
  • MUTH600 Graduate Worship Technology (4 units)

Ensemble Requirements

Students may choose Ensemble course up to 6 quarters:

  • ENSB500 Ensemble (1 unit)

Major Performance Requirements

Students must select at least one major performance field and complete four quarters of applied music series:

  • MUPR511-513, 611 Graduate Applied Music: Piano I-IV (2 units)
  • MUPR521-523, 621 Graduate Applied Music: Voice I-IV (2 units)
  • MUPR531-533, 631 Graduate Applied Music: Guitar I-IV (2 units)
  • MUPR551-553, 651 Graduate Applied Music: Composition I-IV (2 units)

Master's Project Requirements

Students must complete the three-course sequence on Master’s Project:

  • MUPR710 Performance Program I (4 units)
  • MUPR720 Performance Program II (4 units)
  • MUPR730 Performance Program III (4 units)
  • MUPR740 Concert Leadership I (4 units)
  • MUPR750 Concert Leadership II (4 units)
  • MUPR760 Concert Leadership III (4 units)
  • MUPR770 Thesis Research I (4 units)
  • MUPR780 Thesis Research II (4 units)
  • MUPR790 Thesis Research III (4 units)

General Ministry Skills

The M.A. in Music students are required to pass 2 quarters of PRAC020 Graduate Christian Service and 3 quarters of PRAC021 Graduate Chapel*. Please refer to the Christian Service Program Handbook for more detailed information.

*Onsite students are required to pass PRAC021 every term that they are enrolled.

Open Electives

Students may choose one to five of the following courses selectively:

  • MUPR510 Composition & Arranging (4 units)
  • MUPR520 Graduate Conducting (2 units)
  • MUSC500 Graduate Theory Review (4 units)
  • MUSC501 Renaissance & Baroque Music (4 units)
  • MUSC502 Classical & Romantic Music (4 units)
  • MUSC503 20th Century Music (4 units)
  • MUSC600 Graduate Seminar A (2 units)
  • MUSC610 Graduate Seminar B (4 units)
  • MUPR501-503, 601-603 Music Ministry Practice (1 unit)

The list of available courses may vary in each quarter and are managed by the Registrar’s Office.