Bachelor of Arts in Music

Jubilee College of Music (JCM) provides students with a sound education in music within the context of Olivet University’s mission. Its Bachelor of Arts degree program enables men and women to develop, integrate, and hone their musical talents for the purpose of contributing to a world revolutionized by Christian mission through music ministry.

Bachelor of Arts in Music Degree Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree program is designed to challenge students to achieve the highest artistic standards in their chosen field of musical study while cultivating their spiritual development. The program’s medley of general, theological, and musical curricular offerings provide students with an interdisciplinary perspective that is unique among music programs.


1. Bachelor of Arts Degree Core (108 units)

The Bachelor of Arts Degree Core is divided into three main areas: (1) B.A. Core Requirement; (2) B.A. Core Distribution; (3) General Ministry Skills. See the “Bachelor of Arts Degree Core Curriculum” section for the comprehensive course list in the university catalog.

(1) B.A. Core Requirement (60 units)
(2) B.A. Core Distribution (48 units)
(3) General Ministry Skills (0 units)

2. Music Major Courses (48 units)

Music Core Seminars
Students are required to take 24 units of music core courses:
  • MUTH100 Musicianship & Theory I (2 units)
  • MUTH110 Musicianship & Theory II (2 units)
  • MUTH200 Harmony (4 units)
  • MUPR200 Conducting (2 units)
  • MUTH300 Music History (4 units)
  • MUPR310 Worship Leadership (4 units)
  • MUPR320 Worship Technology (4 units)
  • MUTH310 Introduction to Worship (4 units)
  • MUTH330 The Hymn in Christian Worship (2 units)
Performance and Practice Courses
Students are required to take 24 units of performance courses in their major field.
  • ENSB300 – 420 Choral Ensemble I – VI (1 unit each)
  • MUPR111 – 213 Applied Music: Piano I – VI (2 units each)
  • MUPR 121 – 223 Applied Music: Voice I – VI (2 units each)
  • MUPR131 – 233 Applied Music: Guitar I – VI (2 units each)
  • MUPR141 – 243 Applied Music: Orchestral Instruments I – VI (2 units each)
  • MUPR151 – 253 Applied Music: Composition I – VI (2 units each)

3. Open Electives (24 units)

Students are required to take an additional 24 units of open electives. These electives can be chosen from any courses from Olivet University’s undergraduate degree programs.