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A New Easter Song...

April 12, 2019
Last year, right before Easter, Phil Wickham released his new song about Resurrection entitled “Living Hope.” I encourage you to listen to the YouTube video of the song: Wickham’s song... Read More »

Inspiration for Writing a New Song

December 05, 2018
Christian song writers are always looking for inspiration and ideas for writing the lyrics of a new song. As we approach the Christmas season, the Song of Mary found in Luke 1:46-55 provides... Read More »

The Worship Leader and Song Selection

October 04, 2018
The concept is quite simple. Some individual or some group of individuals select worship songs for the Sunday worship service. Most often this is accomplished by an individual called the worship... Read More »

Getting Ready for Resurrection Sunday

March 14, 2018
Easter Sunday is coming soon.  This year it lands on April 1.  Some people call the first day of April each year April Fool’s Day.  Please make no mistake this year and do... Read More »

About Christmas Season Worship

December 11, 2017
During the Christmas Season we proclaim the good news of Jesus' birth by singing Christmas carols. A carol is a specific type of vocal music usually associated with telling the story of Jesus'... Read More »

Leadership: Post #1

October 18, 2016
This will be the first posting of a series on leadership. By title and nature a worship leader is always leading: Leading a rehearsal… Leading the audience in singing… Leading by selecting... Read More »

The Season of Lent...

March 07, 2016
Yes, football season is over, basketball season is in full swing, and baseball season is just around the corner. We do enjoy our sports calendar. There is also a Christian calendar, sometimes... Read More »

Christmas Worship: Herod and the Magi

December 29, 2015
In Matthew chapter two we find an important part of the Christmas story. It is the story of the Magi, or Wise Men, coming from the East to Jerusalem to find the new born King of the Jews.... Read More »

My Ways or God's Ways? (Isaiah 55:8-9)

August 24, 2015
In this post we continue to examine some specific verses in Isaiah chapter 55. Please read the entire chapter and then let’s look at verses 8 & 9. An often discussed question about... Read More »

Seek and Call (Isaiah 55:6)

August 01, 2015
We are examining some of the specific verses of Isaiah chapter 55. Eventually we will look at the well know worship song The Trees of the Field that is based upon verse 12 of Isaiah 55: You... Read More »

Come and Listen - (Isaiah 55:1-3)

July 21, 2015
In verse one the word “come” is used four times. “Come” is a verb, an action word, a word full of movement. This word reminds us that God is always inviting his people to come and... Read More »

A Song from Isaiah 55

July 09, 2015
In recent years I have introduced our JCM students to a praise song entitled The Trees of the Field. The students have enthusiastically embraced this song. The music is reminiscent of a Hebrew... Read More »