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Always Singing ...

Part 3: Why Do We Sing?

March 05, 2015
In this three part series we are simply asking the question: Why do we sing? In the first part of the series we answered the question with this scientific fact: “God created human beings... Read More »

Part 2: Why Do We Sing?

January 12, 2015
Always Singing Notes from Dr. Smoak about Music and Worship Part 2: Why Do We Sing? In this three part series we are simply asking the question: Why do we sing? In the first part of the... Read More »

Praying in the Name of Jesus: A Christmas Message

December 24, 2014
Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus.  God had a message for Joseph before Jesus was born.  God delivered that message to Joseph in a dream by an angel.  This part of the... Read More »

Part 1: Why Do We Sing?

November 18, 2014
This will be a three part series to simply answer the question:  Why do we sing?  When you think about it, singing together as a group of Christians at a bible study or singing... Read More »

Prayer and the Worship Leader

November 06, 2014
Yes, prayer is an important part of every Christian’s life.  But today we are asking this question:  Are there specific prayers that worship leaders should pray?  The answer is... Read More »

"How to Choose a New Worship Song"

October 08, 2014
This is an important question that worship leaders must ask: “How do I choose a new worship song for my church to sing?” Congregations do enjoy singing familiar songs. They know and... Read More »

Victor's Crown

September 19, 2014
I am constantly humming and singing the words to the new worship song Victor's Crown, particularly the chorus:             Hallelujah,... Read More »

Our God is not a hermit.

September 02, 2014
Printed below is the closing paragraph of an article entitled “It Takes Two to Worship” by Trent C. Butler from the Fall 2014 periodical LET’S WORSHIP. Please read the paragraph twice. Our... Read More »

God is always inviting His people to come and worship Him.

August 19, 2014
That is a bold statement. You should ask the question: “Dr. Smoak, how do you know this?” I am glad you asked the question. It deserves a prompt answer. We know that God is always... Read More »